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500 Products: Boston Globe

We're coming up on our 50th event tomorrow night and Boston Globe is hosting the event.  But TODAY's Globe included a nice overview of the last 49 events and the 500 products launched. Reporter Michael Farrell talked to many MINfriends in his quest and produced this story! (Subscribers get to see the whole thing.)  Say "thank you" when you see him tomorrow night.  We wish everyone could have been included but there were only so many column inches they could devote.  (We spent a lot of time with Mike pointing out cool products and cool company stories -- he was very patient with our enthusiasm but we must have seemed like first-time parents armed with a ten ton photo album.)
Thanks to the following companies/organizations there were nice product images to accompany the story:

The Leveraged Freedom Chair shown at the April 2011 event by Continuum and an MIT spin-off ended up in MassChallenge as Global Research Innovation and Technology and the group partnered with many organizations to provide LFCs in developing countries.
The Whoopie from The Chococoa Baking Company
The HydroView Sport from Aquabotix
The Zipboard
WASP Audio
Just Scensational is from Bare Ground Systems
The EarthFrendz
Roasted Chickpeas from Biena Foods

Also mentioned were Cuppow, Vsnap, Project Repat, Noteflight, and Mosaic Storage Systems.