Event date: 09-18-2024

Event Time: 9:30 AM

Venue:Andover Country Club, 60 Canterbury Street, Andover, MA

URL: https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/ev/reg/yy8vygc?source_id=e811f307-5cee-47f3-b93c-32a3b11cde43&source_type=em&c=Tbe35gLW3ElzkNpqFNgMqGiiLVhumHAJiC9JzYZtz0RyaYGwVd-azQ==

Come hear how to unlock your business potential featuring successful small business women from our community. The day begins with coffee and conversation at the beautiful Andover Country Club before the program kicks off with a series of speakers, lunch, roundtables and networking opportunities.

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Early registrants will be invited to an exclusive post-event webinar with program speakers to further explore questions and brainstorm topics relevant to your business! A true business accelerator! Do not miss this opportunity!