Event date: 05-07-2024

Event Time: 7:00 PM

Venue:Lasell University, Newton MA and zoom

URL: https://bostonenet.org/events/funders_and_founders

The startup world can only exist with founders and funders (customers help, too). For entrepreneurs with big ideas, it can be difficult to ask for money. Where do you go to ask, how do you approach someone, and what may be most effective?

In this program, you’ll hear from pros on both sides of the table.

A large segment of the population struggles to secure the funds to be successful: people of color and women. Panelists will talk about the obstacles and how to get around them.

You’ll learn to:

Gain self-confidence to ask for funding.
Identify potential sources to help launch your business.
Determine what agreements may be best for the founder and funder.
Hear from a founder who is actively seeking investors.