How I Did It: Insights From a Successful Entrepreneur

Date: 07-21-2021 5:30 PM

How do you turn your ideas into reality? Hear from a successful serial entrepreneur about his journey, and learn how to start and scale a venture. Christopher Lee is an experienced healthcare operator and entrepreneur…

Fundraising 101

Date: 07-07-2021 5:30 PM

The truth is we need money to make money. How do you land that first investment? What materials do you need to put together? How do you find investors? How do you close the deal?

Creating a Landing Page

Date: 06-30-2021 5:30 PM

A step by step guide to creating your own landing page. The dos and don'ts, tips and tricks and general outline of what a great landing page should look like In this day and age,…

Branding for Startups

Date: 06-23-2021 5:30 PM

Companies often struggle with finding the right message to engage their target audiences, making it difficult to gain traction. There is the inside-out, navel-gazing view of what the company wants to be, but with no…

Networking Event

Date: 06-16-2021 5:30 PM

Networking with a difference. Join 4 fellow entrepreneurs and two startup mentors at a (virtual) table for 15 minutes, then switch tables and meet another group. No more awkward small talk or wondering if you…

K!ck*ss Women Community Hour

Date: 06-09-2021 12:00 PM

Connect, network and share with other amazing women seeking greater fulfillment in their work. Our community of K!ck*ss Women only exists when we come together to share in celebrations and challenges. Join us on 2nd…