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Featured MINovators - Beantrust

The Mass Innovation Nights community is just that - a community. And there are all kinds of awesome people in our community.  As we all struggle with our new COVID-19 shaped reality there are some people and organizations we want to call your attention to.  Maybe we can ignite enough interest in their products and services to help support them in this weirdest of times. We're calling this series The Featured MINovators.

Guest Blog Post: The Allied MindStorm Innovation Challenge

Guest blogger:  David Park is the Project Leader for Allied MindStorm.
What would you do with paper-thin plastic batteries or silver ink pens that conduct electricity?
The formula is well understood: Invention plus capital can equal high-value innovation. Yet most advances at research institutions never attract the venture support needed to make it beyond the campus.

Massachusetts Manufacturing Rocks

At first people thought we were going to be like Web Innovators group, then they came to our first event and saw the Practical Solar heliostats and the Wiblocks.  Our roster of “NOT just Web, software and high tech” products came to include such “real products” as Popkin ice pop drip catchers, gourmet dog food (and people food), books, a back stretcher, lampshade levelers, mouse cushions and even post vasectomy testing kits.  (Cue the giggles.) Yes, we showcase an abundance of technology innovation but we’re the only Innovation Showcase in the area that regularly mixes industries and welcom

QR Codes at Innovation Nights

You've seen them everywhere.  Those little (usually) black and white squares are popping up all over town.  On business cards and brochures, in restaurant windows or on real estate signs, even on billboards and the sides of trucks.  The QR or Quick Response code has become the darling of the social media marketing set.  How do they work?  Why do you care?