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Featured MINovator - The White Mountain Trail Collective

The White Mountain Trail Collective is a 501(c3) non-profit working to repair trails in The White Mountains to keep them open and safe. More than 1,200 miles of hiking, biking, skiing, and climbing trails in The White Mountains of NH are in urgent need of significant repair, at an estimated cost of $75,000,000.  Private donations are critical to completing the work.

Featured MINovator - Brownmed

MIN64 alum Brownmed has launched a temporary production worksite in central Massachusetts to produce lifesaving PPE to protect health care workers and others from the spread of COVID-19.
The launch of the site was made possible through an innovative partnership with The Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MassMEP), Worcester Public Schools and Chacharone Properties.

Featured MINovator - Fluid-Screen

MIN104 alum Fluid-Screen has involved its partners in Catalyst Programs, a joint initiative with Pharma and Biotech industry leaders to develop and validate Fluid-Screen’s technology and its applications for bacterial testing and sterile manufacturing. Currently, there are two Catalyst Programs. The first is Catalyst QC, a pharma quality assurance program. The second program is Catalyst Microbiome, which specializes in Microbiome therapeutics. Find out more about their programs here.

Featured MINovator - Armored Things

MIN122 alum Armored Things main directive is to keep people safe in crowds, through the use of sensors and AI software that monitor crowd flow and predict threats. They have recently brought in $7 million in additional seed funding, and in the coming months will play a key role in the reopening of large venues like sports stadiums and college campuses, which will begin to welcome people back on their sites very soon.

Featured MINovator - Grip Tie Products

Grip Tie Products was born on the soccer field, and expanded to the world - untie-resistant flexible shoe laces that are easy to use and give a competitive edge to all: young or old, sporty or fashionable. They operate just like a normal lace, replace your old laces and tie as usual - but they have a tiny amount of stretch that make them more comfortable and supportive, and the regular knot you tie will resist untying until you pull on it directly. No need for clips or special knots.

Featured MINovator - Project Repat

MIN 36 alum Project Repat's worker-owned factory partner in North Carolina is now making protective face masks. The CDC and many states have recommended voluntary face mask coverings for all US citizens, and they are here to help answer the demand. These masks are 100% cotton, and are good for going outside for walks or to the supermarket or pharmacy to add some protection. It is still important to social distance, wash your hands, and isolate if you are not feeling well. But these masks do provide protection, and by buying this product you are helping keep US textile workers employed.