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Know My Patient

Know My Patient

Nightingale Apps LLC

Nightingale Apps, LLC is a health care technology company
with the mission to provide nurses and patients with workflow-centric
electronic tools that support their information needs in an efficient, safe,
timely, and patient centered manner.

Nursing Technology Today
Despite electronic health records (EHRs), nurses struggle to access the
information they need to provide safe care to patients in a way that fits
their workflow and information needs. As a workaround, nurses rely on
pieces of scrap paper to store essential information which presents great
risks for medical error and inefficiencies.

The Nightingale Solution: Know My Patient™
Know My Patient™ is our research based mobile solution designed to
provide nurses with the information they need to know their patients from the start through to the end of their shift. Leveraging the advantages and functions of the ‘scrap paper’, Know My Patient™ will drive safer, more efficient, timely, and patient centered care.