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We have developed a card reading/astrological app for ipad/iphone users and soon for Android devices. The app is based on our "Tell A Fortune" kit which we patented in the and sold out via the Home Shopping and QVC networks. The app...

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BRIGHTdriver makes driving fun again through interactive audio games. For the first time, drivers have a safe way to use their smartphone in the car. Users enjoy all the features they love in casual games, such as point accumulation, social...

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Jibunu Platform

With Jibunu, researchers can ask anything, anywhere, of anyone. Jibunu’s expert team and proprietary platform support boundless survey programming including extreme logic, complex conjoint and discrete choice models, adaptive and max-diff...

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Justellus gives fans of companies a powerful voice to improve their future customer experiences. Consumers no longer have to navigate company web sites to find out how to give feedback, take surveys, or sit on hold to talk to an offshore call...

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USpin gives busy people who want to create awesome experiences their group of friends will love an affordable, intelligent way to find, plan, and reserve for their group.


Use Hailo to get a taxi wherever you are, whenever you want. All it takes is two taps on your iPhone or Android Phone. Pay by card, with no charges above the meter.
With the free Hailo app on your smartphone, you can hail a safe and...

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