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The Genuine-o-meter

The Genuine-o-meter helps you tell the difference between dreck and diamonds on LinkedIn.  What's spam and what's safe? Before you accept that invitation, run the Genuine-o-meter on the profile. (Note: LinkedIn is a trademark of the...

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tripchi is a mobile app that helps you make the most of your time in the airport. It serves up recommendations of things to do in the airport based on your personality, interests and flight info, and offers exclusive deals on food, drink, and...

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AppPack provides a quick and simple way for event goers to collect and share information via mobile. Business professionals can use AppPack as tool to go mobile with their message about their product or service so it can be collected and shared...

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Dancecard lets you share your online profile with people at your next networking event. Check in with the app and instantly review the LinkedIn profiles of your fellow attendees. Click a button if you want to meet them and "get on their...

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