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Graba-bite is an online service which 1) brings new, local customers to the door of restaurants, and 2) helps people discover new, local great taste. Best part? Free for both restaurant owners and users.


Pour-n-Pack is a new and innovative method to produce and package chocolate bars. Our system is a perfect way for a chocolatier to hand pour and produce chocolate bars. What makes our system more unique is that it is made from entirely eco-...

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Taste Trekkers is the premiere website for people who plan their vacations around food. It guides adventurous foodies through different culinary regions and shows them how to explore the world through food.


Drizly is an iPhone app that gives users the power to have their favorite beer, wine, and liquor delivered to their doorstep in 30-60 minutes.
Drizly is currently in Private Alpha in the city of Boston, and gearing up for our launch into...

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