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Rednote is the only mobile app that allows users to send snippets of popular songs through sms text message, email, Twitter and other online social conversations. Organized by categories based on emotions, the user can choose from a menu bar of...

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MyTVChoice allows you to skip commercials while watching live TV. Watch the Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, Celtics without ever having to see another commercial again. No time-shifting. All live. Check us out in the Business and Technology Section of...

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Freedom Cycle

The Freedom Cycle is an adult tricycle designed for anyone unable to ride a traditional bicycle. It is geared toward baby boomers and active adults but we have found it to be very helpful for people with disability or injuries. Our goal is to...

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Spogo is a mobile app that enables sports fans to make predictions as they watch live games. Spogo prompts users with questions—anything from “Who scores next?” to “What color Gatorade will be dumped on the coach’s head at the end of the game?”...

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