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PitPatters are a lifestyle shoe cover accessory that 'fit over your shoes' and protects your style with a foldable and packable design. As a lightweight alternative to heavy rainboots, PitPatters are water-resistant and windproof and...

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Bodega Bag

Bodega Bag LLC

Hate carrying in Groceries? The Bodega Bag is for you! The Bodega Bag allows you to carry all of your grocery bags on your back. Using the Bodega Bag is simple. Place the Bodega Bag in your grocery cart or on a flat surface. Put your grocery or...

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outskert from nohmii


The outskert was born and engineered in the mountains. Developing a skirt to keep a woman warm and dry while trekking in the snow. The outskert is designed with special ops selected materials that fit the function and durability criteria--...

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Spiro Technologies

Spiro is the first Proactive CRM that reminds you who to call, updates itself and helps sales teams close more deals.

Spiro automatically creates, updates and manages your pipeline, plus it and gives you proactive recommendations about...

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