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Kuvée Wine System


Kuvée is a first-of- its-kind wine system that gives you the freedom to enjoy the glass of wine you truly want, whenever you want it — without wasting a drop. Kuvée Founder and
The new, innovative system includes the Kuvée connected...

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30hands Storyteller Web

30hands Learning

Stories are a basic part of the human DNA. 30hands Storyteller Web turns school into a video production studio. We connect and relate to ideas better through them, and we remember facts and concepts better and longer through them. Digital...

Read More was created by a team of experts in education and technology. Their goal: to level the playing field in college admissions by providing college application help that is accessible to virtually anyone.


ScholarJet P.B.C.

ScholarJet revolutionizes the scholarship process by providing a web platform that enables educational institutions and donors to create and donate to action-based scholarships. Instead of writing essays and submitting resumes, students can...

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