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Horsepower Technologies

FastTrack™ is a revolutionary equine rehabilitative legwear that enables early mobilization with out-of-the-stall load-bearing exercise for lame horses. One of the key technologies in FastTrack™ is an adjustable range of motion stop known as the...

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AquaTerrene, LLC

A low cost, easy-to-use, handheld device for rapid detection of heavy metals in tap water. The device consists of inexpensive disposable sensor strips; hardware and digital display that can measure heavy metals such as Lead, below the EPA action...

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Kyrus Mobile

Kyrus Fleet automatically disables smartphones while driving. This product ensures employees safety and compliance, while in the vehicle, and limits employer liability.



Autonomous Vehicles are most likely to be Electric Vehicles (PEV). Since these vehicles will be shared and parked less frequently and in demand more often they will need to be charged-fast and autonomously with a physically conductive interface...

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Synthetic Muscle™

Ras Labs, LLC makes Synthetic Muscle™, electroactive polymer (EAP) based materials and actuators that contract and expand at low voltage, attenuate impact, and sense pressure for prosthetics and protective gear, as well as robotic linkages and...

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