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Voysis Commerce

Voysis Commerce is the complete Voice AI platform for your eCommerce experience. Instantly add speed and efficiency to your eCommerce apps and websites with natural language voice search and transaction.


Pipeguard Robotics

Pipeguard provides leak detection robots and subscription to cloud based data analytics to municipal water utilities in order to help them plan and assess preventative maintenance.  Pipeguard's robots uses special sensors that can pinpoint early...

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Zombait is a robotic fishing lure that is used to make dead bait fish look alive again, anytime, anywhere. Live bait is the most effective bait at catching large, prized, predatory sport fish.
Zombait gives anglers the edge by providing...

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Leveraging advances in machine learning, distributed computing and satellite imagery, Upstream enables efficient, scalable project implementation. From conservation to renewable energy development: monitor, site and scale your projects with the...

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ThermaGenix, Inc.

Thermagenix makes Simple, Universal, easy-to-use reagents that improve product yield and specificity in PCR amplifications. Typically, ThermaStop, ThermaGo and ThermaStop-RT are just added to PCR master mixes at a one-to-one unit ratio with...

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A scleral topographer which maps the shape of the sclera for the creation of specialty scleral contact lenses. The topographer uses a focused dot projection, and stereo geometry from 7 cameras to measure the 3D position of each projected point....

Tranquilo Mat

Tranquilo, Inc

Tranquilo Mat is a portable, vibrating mat that soothes baby in the crib, stroller, or on the go in a carrier or car seat! The mat helps baby transition from a mother’s womb to the world during the “fourth trimester” after birth. No longer snug...

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