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WatchRx, Inc.

WatchRx uses a smartwatch to help elderly take their meds on time and live independently in their homes as long as possible. The WatchRx solution is designed for patients with usability challenges taking multiple medications, many of whom have...

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Hurt Technologies

"MedKit" is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) designed for small practice physicians that uses a secure, intuitive design, & seamless mobile integration. While most EMRs are time-consuming, inefficient, and expensive - MedKit was...

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AndrosRobotics LLC

Small and Mid size companies wanting to bring to market innovative collaborative robots, which are safe for use around and with people, are missing the right parts: force-controlled actuators. What's available on the market today is too...

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Seamlessly interact M2M ( Machine to Machine ) P2P ( People to People ) and M2P ( Machine to People ) experiences with Internet Module ‘r and the blink’r tool set.

Integrating powerful hardware, cloud back-end, data visualization and...

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Tive Multi-Sensor Tracker

Tive, Inc.

Tive is tackling a huge problem in logistics - taking surprises out of complex supply chains. When companies put inventory on a ship, truck or airplane it essentially disappears, then hopefully appears again when it reaches the factory or...

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Cimetrics BACnet Explorer


Explore your Building Automation BACnet network:
BACnet enables IoT throughout a building’s lifetime. Plug-and-play BACnet Explorer for BACnet/IP with which you can discover BACnet devices on connected networks. Connect Explorer to a BACnet...

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