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KnipBio Inc

By harnessing the potential of biotechnology, KnipBio is creating solutions for sustainable aquaculture. KnipBio's game-changing ingredient combines the attributes of protein-packed fishmeal and carotenoids into one effective, affordable...

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invisaWear Technologies LLC

During an emergency, people need to contact help immediately. The problem is that people often don’t have enough time to reach their phone before it’s too late. invisaWear™ is smart jewelry that allows users to instantly contact friends, family...

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ZwiftPay is an electronic payment system that enables drivers pay for fuel wirelessly at gas stations using radio frequency identification technology-- similar to E-ZPass!



GladlyDo connects people and businesses who need help with odd jobs and event staffing with local college students in Boston. We have nearly a thousand screened and insured students and recent grads helping thousands of customers in Boston and...

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Horsepower Technologies

FastTrack™ is a revolutionary equine rehabilitative legwear that enables early mobilization with out-of-the-stall load-bearing exercise for lame horses. One of the key technologies in FastTrack™ is an adjustable range of motion stop known as the...

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AquaTerrene, LLC

A low cost, easy-to-use, handheld device for rapid detection of heavy metals in tap water. The device consists of inexpensive disposable sensor strips; hardware and digital display that can measure heavy metals such as Lead, below the EPA action...

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Kyrus Mobile

Kyrus Fleet automatically disables smartphones while driving. This product ensures employees safety and compliance, while in the vehicle, and limits employer liability.