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IncluDe Innovation

IncluDe are developers, designers, strategists, and most importantly activists. The IncluDe team takes on diverse clients and projects that make a positive impact on the world around them. Together, clients and IncluDe create visually stunning...

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Dolume LLC

Dolume LLC

Dolume is a consultant group that focuses on managing our clients initiatives and projects using innovative methods and creativity.



Cede is a 3D Action Role Playing game about "Combat Farming" in a post apocalyptic universe! Destroying monsters will burst them into seeds to become vegetation on a desolate and cracked planet.

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Pulse 24/7

The same tech wave that hit the retail industry 15 yrs ago has re-emerged and hit the services industry in the form of the "on demand economy". Consumers are now booking services simply from their smartphones with a few clicks or swipes...

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