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Women Forward in Technology Scholarship Program

We strongly believe in education and improving diversity within the tech-startup community. Unfortunately, this community has continued to struggle with providing equal opportunity. According to the Census Bureau’s latest American Community Survey, women comprise 48% of the U.S. workforce but just 24% of STEM workers. And while women receive over half of the bachelor’s degrees awarded in the biological sciences, they receive far fewer in the computer sciences (17.9%), engineering (19.3%), physical sciences (39%) and mathematics (43.1%), per the National Science Foundation.

This is a complex issue and dissolving inequality will take dedication from all levels of the tech-startup community. In 2016, 80+ companies signed the Tech Inclusion Pledge, in collaboration with White House and President Obama. Companies signing this pledge are “committing to take concrete action to make the technology workforce at each of their companies more representative of the American people.”

To demonstrate our commitment to the Tech Inclusion Pledge, we are proud to announce the Women Forward in Technology Scholarship. We want to invest in you in hopes you can be a key part in creating a balance within the tech community.

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External Event Date: 
Monday, July 31, 2017 - 8:00pm