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Tech And…The New Workforce

About This Event

Ever wondered how the new workforce got to where it is today? The answer likely lies in tech!

Overview: As a pioneer of tech education and training, General Assembly is committed to re-skilling and on-boarding employees in new economy, 21st century skills. Our approach to immersive and blended education enables companies to retain talent and boost their overall bench. Join us for an exclusive panel event, featuring thought-leaders from companies fueling the next generation of the workforce. They will discuss how they’ve been impacted by the rise of tech, ways they’ve adapted and innovated along the way, and what they expect to see in the future.

What You’ll Take Away: Gain insight and inspiration from experts in the field and hear first-hand how technology is transforming their work. Expand your understanding of today’s tech-based world, and fuel your own ideas for the future.

Featured Experts: Leaders in the community will break down the biggest challenges and opportunities they face with the rise of new technology, and explain how their teams adapt to the fast pace of innovation.

Why It Matters: The omnipresence of technology has rapidly transformed lives over the last decade. Now, it’s rare to go about a regular day without interacting with tech in some way. Staying ahead of the innovation curve and being able to predict the future of tech in various industries has never been more important.

External Event Date: 
Thursday, August 17, 2017 - 2:30pm