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How to Map Out, Measure and Audit your B2B Technology Sales Process

Every business needs a well-defined sales process, a clear understanding of the opportunities in its sales funnel and to regularly audit the sales process so it can be optimized, improved and shortened.

In this intensive one-day workshop we will share ways to map out, measure and audit the sales process when selling to B2B technology prospects. Includes:

How to map out your sales process: How to create a sales map relevant to technology sales – a step-by-step discussion with relevant examples; ways to pinpoint challenges and opportunities; how to find the ‘happy path’ for technology B2B prospects.

Metrics, SLAs and KPIs: How to set sales goals, how to optimize and anticipate B2B technology sales forecasts; useful sales rations and KPIs to use at different stages of the sales process

How to audit your sales process: How regularly auditing your sales process transforms results and drives business growth, accompanied with a step-by-step methodology to assess and audit enterprise technology sales processes.

How to use evidence to move the sale: Messaging, tools, conversations and sales triggers are ‘evidence.’  This workshop reviews how to develop, use and apply evidence at different stages of the sales process and with different decision makers to progress an enterprise technology sale.

External Event Date: 
Friday, August 4, 2017 - 6:00am